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All aboard for the best rail car fiberglass on the market.

Our Rail Car fiberglass blanket is produced using textile-type glass fibers that have been chopped to a length of two to six inches and bonded with a thermal setting phenolic resin. The glass fibers and resin are combined in a unique air lay system that produces a random fiber orientation for exceptional strength, resiliency, and both thermal and acoustic performance.


Rail car fiberglass blanket info and advantages

  • Increased tensile strength for high tensile applications. Stands up to lamination and other fabrication processes.
  • Resistant to vibration
  • High thermal efficiency reduces heat transfer, lowering energy consumption
  • Resilient: recovers to full thickness
  • Excellent bond strength: blanket resists separation
  • Ease of handling and fabrication
  • Resistant to bacterial and fungal growth
  • Compression-packed: saves freight costs, storage space and protects against damage



  • Rapid transit
  • Tanker cars
  • Light rail cars
  • Insulated tanks


Specification Compliance:

  • ASTM E 162
  • ASTM E 662
  • NFPA 259
  • BSS 7239